Microsoft just went up a peg in my eyes

As some of you might remember from my postings here the last few days, I purchased a Microsoft factory refurbished 128GB SP1 from Micro Center that had a bad digitizer out of box. I couldn't exchange it because Micro Center wasn't getting any more in stock, so I was stuck returning it (which I didn't want to do because it was priced insanely cheap) or sending it in for repairs (hassle).

Just for giggles I made an appointment at the Microsoft store to have them look at it. I walk in, show the problem, and within 2 minutes they tell me my choices: Send it in for repairs or trade it in for a new SP2 128GB costing me only the warranty. Huh?

I was confused at first but they said for $125 they'll upgrade me to a new SP2 with 2 years of accidental damage warranty. I also could keep my original pen and charger. That seemed too good to be true but in 5 minutes I was out the door.

While it still cost me $125 this ended up being a brand new SP2, with 2 power adapters and pens, and 2 years of accidental damage protection for significantly less than what even a used eBay SP2 would run. To put it simply I was very surprised by their customer service. I always hear (and have experienced) stories like this about Apple, but it seems Microsoft is no worse off when it comes to helping keep customers happy.