Best sub $500 Camera for Holidays/Casual use?

Hey Lens Crew! Long time listener first time caller etc etc. Formalities aside,

Browsing through my last holiday photos taken on my iPhone 5, I've made the decision that I need to up my photography game. I've always enjoyed taking photographs, but after losing a lot of my last ones in a iCloud backup gone wrong, I've decided I'd be more comfortable entrusting my precious memories too a dedicated camera over my already overworked iPhone. So, It occurs to me; what is the better choice:

A high end P&S or Mirrorless used (Think Fuji X10, Sony RX100 I, Older member of the NEX 3/5 series etc)


A mid range camera new. (I haven't looked into this option as much but I presume the lower end Sony NEX's hit the price point)

My main purchase criteria use cases are Travel Pictures, Parties Social stuff and The Odd School related graphics work.

-Portability is a key factor. If I don't take it with me, then whats the point?

-Durability is also important and goes hand in hand with portability.

-Image quality (obviously)

-Ease of use (eg. I love the on/zoom twist lens features of the Fuji X10)

-GPS/Wifi would be nice but I understand that these are tough to come by at any price range.

-Decent video would also be lovely

Things I DONT care about as much:

-Lens compatibility (I'd prefer a one size fits all solution, I don't claim to have the knowledge on which is best for what situation and if I did get an Interchangeable lens camera id almost definitely pick the pancake and leave it on all the time...)

-Battery life (Im happy to carry a spare or go without as long as it can make a day I'm happy.

Right now I have eBay saved searches on:

Fujifilm X10

Sony RX100

Sony NEX 3/5

Is there anything else I should be considering? Thanks in advance, all.