Icons - Fonts & Colors

After reading that Verge article,

I was wondering do consumers even care about what a share icon looks like. I'm talking about the general public, the ones who don't know what processor is in what phone. Or what "OEM" or "ROM" means. The muggles of tech. Anyways, every designer has their own idea of how things should look which is fine. However who's is best..in YOUR opinion.

1. Who has the best front choice? Who's font would you change and what would you change it to?

2. Who has the best Icons? What icon would you change and how would they look?

3. Who makes the best use of colors, gradients, shadows, etc. How would you change them?

This is how it works. It's almost like an essay only you can show pictures of what you feel is the best front color or icon.

Maybe draw a little inspiration from fonts and icon packs.

I won't go into detail, I'll leave that to you guys. But here's mine;

iOS by far makes the best use of colors through the entire OS - however when it comes to their iconography they fail miserable. For example: The share icon on iOS resembles "uploading" or even pulling options from below. The phone and messaging green icons always look out of place although I've become use to them. When it comes to the don't choice on iOS it is simply beautiful except for when it's in bold. I would have went for a thinner don't type for bolding of the letters.

Now for Android, - Android absolutely sucks at colors. Terrible. The OS still feels a bit dark and struggles at making use if white space. However in apps like Google. Ow the white space is use wisely. OEM's like HTC who have adopted the use of the color app base status bar made a commendable decision. Roboto is a boring font all around, however the stock icons for Android are pretty decent, all except the phone icon.

Windows phone...... You guys should just start from scratch. Kill it with fire.

Your turn :-)