Upgrade choice in 2014 proving difficult but what I found next will shock you


I'm currently using my AT&T HTC One X and it has served me well. The form factor and size are perfect but by today's standards the hardware inside is lacking. The slower processor and paltry 1GB Ram makes multitasking a chore by today's standards. Contract is up and I'm looking to upgrade.


When the HTC One M8 was introduced I thought I had my upgrade path locked. I loved the M7 but was stuck on contract so I hung onto my HOX for obvious reasons. Then the M8 was announced and it still had the mediocre camera as the last generation and now it's had a growth spurt making it gangly in height. I went and played with it for a while and it's just not comfortable in the hand, or more specifically, one handed. And the images I've reviewed from multiple sources are just as bad, or worse, than my current HOX which didn't win any awards during it's time. I don't hate Sense and version 6 is actually quite nice, even a notch above stock IMHO, but the enormous bezels, awkward height, and mediocre camera meant this was a no-go option.


The Galaxy S5 was the obvious backup choice but I've never been a fan of their devices or their Touchwiz skin. Most of my friends and family members default to these phones like people used to call every game console "Nintendo". The "S" series it he new global term for Android and the default choice for many consumers. I spent time with it and was immediately put off by the terrible ribbed-for-no-ones-pleausre chrome rim and pocked backside. Also in comparison to the M8 it just feels slow in operation which made no sense (thank you here all weekend). Sure the screen is beautiful but I still can't swallow Touchwiz without some gagging involved. Also it's another giant device which I understand I can't get away from on Android but in a perfect world it'd be better plastic (like my HOX even) and 4.7in screen but it's not a perfect world. The only selling point for me is the camera but it hasn't been enough to plop down $600+ for one.


So with the two flagships sinking my hopes of a 2014 Android upgrade I may hold out to see what comes from Apple's new device rumored to have a 4.7in screen. While I use Apple hardware for my business and leisure I've always preferred the Google ecosystem more for phones and email. I could stomach the switch and I may end up in camp iPhone come this fall.


So there is the conundrum for me in 2014. Too big, too ugly, no perfect compromise. On the horizon is the G3 and Z2 which again are enormous and off my radar so unless there will be a smaller Nexus 6/Moto X2 I may end up jumping to the other team and see if I can adapt but I'd rather not do so.

Are my initial impressions off base? Is the M8 too tall for pantaloons and camera that terrible? Did you learn to love the S5 despite it's looks or has it fallen apart yet?

I'd love to hear others shopping success and/or horror stories of 2014. Also if you'e read this far I commend you!