Just wanted to share this - Refurbished Store

I always heard great things about buying apple refurbished products but never actually bought one. Until now...

My wife had an old Macbook from 2009(white) which even though still works it is clearly showing the sign of it's age.

Based on that I had a look at the refurbished store and there was a Macbook Air from 2013 for 800€. And since next month it is my step father's birthday we also decided to give him an iPad. We got a refurbished iPad Air 16gb Wifi only for 429€.

We received both last Friday and we could not be happier. It would be impossible to guess these come from the refurbished store.

On top of saving €250 compared to buying new products I managed to sell the old macbook for 150€. Very very happy about the refurbished store.