Hey Siri...will be a huge iPhone 6 and iWatch feature!

I've heard a lot of complaints about how the "hey Siri" feature requires an iPhone 5S to be plugged in to work. Obviously this is because the next generation iOS devices like the iPhone 6 and the iWatch will have a siri coprocessor that will allow for always on listening.

This is could be huge in an iWatch. "Hey Siri, 30 min timer." "Hey Siri, call my wife." "Hey siri, how many calories have I burned today." "Hey Siri, play Breaking Bad from Netflix on my Apple TV "

The list of possibilities are endless.

Then people say "what about battery life?" Yes a coprocessor might be enough in an iPhone 6 with its huge battery, but an iWatch has a much smaller battery and every drop of juice will be presious, thus always on listening may drain the battery...that is, unless they use a motion-capture kinetic charger as an auxiliary power supply.

Everyone has been thinking that kinetic charging is not enough to power an iWatch, but what if it doesn't have to? What if kinetic power becomes an auxiliary power supply that solely charges a few key features, like an always-listening "hey siri" microphone with coprocessor. Perhaps this could solve a lot of battery issues in the iWatch?