Bridge - Crowdsourcing/crowdfunding the apps we want?

There's clearly a gap in apps between iOS/Android and WP, there's always an app or two that you want that isn't on WP and sometimes you wish there were an app that existed that doesn't exist on any of the platforms.

So how about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding the development of the apps we want?

It's a simple question (or two)

What are the apps that you want or you want improved?

And how much are you willing to pay for it?

The current model of app development is "Make an app, charge money for it" and the risk is (relatively) higher for WP because it has a smaller number of users, a fraction of those are interested in the app, a fraction of those can pay for it and a fraction of those want to pay for it. The development would go faster if the community pre-paid for it... vote with your wallet, or so to speak...

"What's in it for me?"

Well, you get the apps that you want with the features that you want on the platform that you want and you set the price that you want.

But before anything, be reasonable with your wish-list. Xbox games cannot be ported to your Lumias.. you can't add OS changes (lock-screen swipe patterns to start specific apps)... but you could say something like "music player with aptx support" (that's the limit, though and it might not even be feasible or {legal? licensing?} )

What we want is opinions... what people want... best case scenario and I'm talking very best case - we come up with some ideas for apps, crowdfund some developers and do the apps one by one... the success of the first app will raise the profile of the subsequent one and the "Bridge" project will gain more traction as it goes... the biggest issues in crowdfunding are obviously reputation and trust... so the continuity of the project will help build trust with the community...


1. What app do you want?

2. What features do you want in it?

3. How much are you willing to pay for it?

I'll go first.

1. Music player

2. A. Flak/Ogg/MP3/AAC... B. aptx support.

3. I'll pay $20 for the app.. but if it were to have aptx, I'd pay $275, matching the "bounty" they have for it on xda.. (