What About the Heart is a project by London-based photographer Luisa Whitton, created in collaboration with Hiroshi Ishiguro, a scientist renowned for his work in the Japanese robotics industry. Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University, has been involved in the creation of androids for over a decade, but he's perhaps most famous for his "Geminoids," lifelike robotic twins.

Since first creating the Geminoid, he's worked tirelessly to improve its appearance and functionality, continuously edging the android closer to his actual visage. The latest iteration, Geminoid HI-4, can mimic its human counterpart's expressions through motion sensors, and is capable of displaying a complex range of emotions.

Whitton initially interviewed Ishiguro while searching for a subject for a commission, but soon built up a rapport that would ultimately lead to her being granted full access to his laboratories to collaborate on a short documentary. What About the Heart is the first result of that collaboration. It pairs photography and interview excerpts from Ishiguro and other scientists, dissecting their field's relationship with technology and humanity.