"...Android will give users and developers enough rope to hang themselves."

In a sentence, the difference between Android's approach to security and privacy and iOS' approach to it is that Android will give users and developers enough rope to hang themselves.

Source (Ars)


One of the biggest annoyances I have with Android is that most apps — even something as basic as, say, a flashlight app — require mountains of my personal information in order to download. Why are people so okay with this? Even if one prefers a philosophically "open" mobile platform, that's quite the price of admission.


Seriously tired of addressing this "solution":

And before you start again with how "just find a different app!" is a solution, it absolutely isn’t. Why should people have to choose between giving away an unnecessary amount of personal info and installing the app they really want?

Why is that even a choice that needs to be made? It doesn’t need to be made. It’s a shitty app distribution policy. Apps collecting more information than they need to is indefensible.

"But nobody is forcing users to download these apps." Nobody should be discouraged from installing an app because they’re worried about their privacy. No respectable platform asks a user to choose between their personal information and an app.