Dell XPS 12, questions for owners.

I am looking into a computer for college. I am leaning towards the Dell XPS 12 2 in 1. It seems to have good specs and looks nice. Most reviews spoke very highly of it and I just had a couple of questions about it.

  1. How is the build quality? Specifically with regards to the flipping screen. It looks like it would be unsturdy but the reviews said build quality was good. In thinking about it the instability appearance is mostly due to the pictures showing the screen partially flipped, the screen would always be flush with the frame so it seems like it would be supported well.
  2. How is the keyboard? A lot of laptops seem to be trading slimness for bad keyboards, they are often flat and have a bad/weak feel to the keypress.
  3. How is battery life? It is claimed to have over 8.5 and I was wondering how it held up in real life.
  4. What are your overall thoughts and what other information about it do you think I should know?
I plan on going into the microsoft store in the next couple days to look around and actually use the device but I would like to have some more information going into it. Thanks in advance for the help.