Any Indie App Developers Here ?

Hello Devs (and normal people too),

I have made my first iOS app recently, and published it. i had huge expectations. it is a game, and the reason that i had that much hope in it, because it has all the needed factors to succeed. Simple, short game play, clean UI, makes your mind work, and the most important thing that is is NOT a stolen idea, or a copy of "Flappy 204Eights!". it is a very original idea.

I'm not here to advertise, i'm here to tell you my story, it might benefit someone, and to learn from your experiences if any. i made a landing page, a Facebook page, twitter account, and advertised on both Facebook and iAds. most articles i read suggested that i do a burst advertising, and spend all my budget in a small period of time, and that make sense, since if i am getting lets say 2000 installs for X amount of dollars, i should not spread that on a long period, but i should spend it all at once, hoping that i would get to the Top 150 list on the AppStore. So what did i do ? i did spent a fair amount of money trying to climb the ladder in the US AppStore, and after spending half a grand on that. it seemed like an impossible mission to reach without a help of something other than advertising, so i tried to contact blogs, review sited, Facebook pages and forums. but with no luck.

then i noticed something, i was barely spending anything the UK market, yet my ranking was higher than the US, so i decided to stop all my efforts in the US and switched them to the UK's market, and booooom, within 3 days i jumped ~1400 places to reach Top 100 in the Puzzle category in the UK. that was after spending another ~$500.

Now what ? stayed in the Top 100 for couple days, then decided to stop the advertising since it was draining me. spending more than a $1000 on advertising is not what kills me, what kills me is the 2 billion copies of 2048 and flappy bird that are conquering the AppStore. and the weird thing that some of them have ~50,000-100,000 downloads and 0 reviews (or 10 at most). how do they did it you said ? well, apparently there is sites that you pay them 5-figures number and they grantee you a place in the Top 25 games with fake downloads. and what if you have a good app and can't spend that much ? then rest in peace (or rust in pieces)

BTW, i had ~4,000 downloads in a week. and hundreds of active players.

So, anyone here have any advise or a good story that might help or at least raises my morale ?

Thanks in advance :)