What are the chances that the iPhone 6 be water resistant?

With some of the new leading smartphones on the market being made water resistant (Sony Sammy and Moto) I was wondering what the chances of the iPhone 6 being the same are.


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I guess it might be a bit easier to produce a water resistant phone using plastics so it may be harder for Apple using metal and glass (or sapphire). The leaked mock ups and schematics of the iPhone 6 that are out, don't seem to hint at being water resistant at all, from what I can tell.

I know some of you will poo poo the feature as redundant or unnecessary but for me who lives in a very rainy city and loves going to the pool this would be a killer feature. If I wasn't so locked up in the Apple Ecosystem I would seriously consider getting the new Sony just based on the water resistance of the device alone.