Student: rMBP 13 or SP3?


In a few months I’m going to university and therefore I need a new laptop. I’ve searched the internet for information and options, and now I’m stuck between the Retina MacBook Pro 13 (2013) and the Surface Pro 3.

For your information, I’m going to study Economics and Law, what takes six years. I’ll use my laptop mainly for text processing, browsing, watching movies and sometimes some light photo/movie editing and gaming.

- I definitely need a good keyboard, because I’ve heard you have to write a lot of papers during your law study. I won’t hurt my fingers.

- "Lapability" is also important for me. I’m going to travel between home and university in the first year anyway, so it would be nice if I can use my laptop on my lap in a decent way.

- Last but not least, battery life has to be at least about 8-9 hours.

I think the rMBP 13 suits me the best if I consider the points above. The SP3 however, seems to be very nice machine too, so the choice between them is quite difficult.

Both Windows 8 and OS X will be new for me, although I have used Windows for the rest of my short life.

About the price, the rMBP (8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage) with student discount costs 1437 euro (I’m from the Netherlands). The SP3 (same configuration + type cover) with student discount costs 1304 euro, so I can save up to 100 euro by buying the Surface.

I hope someone can give me some advice about which laptop I have to buy! What benefits has the one over the other? And what will be the best investment?

Thanks in advance!