Top 5 annoying features on the iPhone after Windows Phone [Part 1]

I've been using Windows Phone from day one, and last week i had to temporarily use brand new iPhone 5S.

Here are my thoughts:

What is bad:

1. Back button.

Maan, it's really not ok. I mean, it's really uncomfortable, and really hard to get used to it. Maybe it is my finger which is short (actually it is not), or maybe i'm holding it wrong, I don't know, but every time I try to hit the "back" button inside any app, I find myself holding the iPhone very loose so I can drop it easily.

2. Sliding / moving between sections inside apps.

After I got used to simply slide right or left on any part of the screen to go to a next or previous section of the app, I find it really difficult to get used to iPhone's buttons on the bottom of the app to navigate.

3. Email.

No sorting by "Unread". Really?

Not full conversation view. When it groups emails in a group by its subject, as a thread, it doesn't include "sent" emails, but shows only incoming emails from all the participants of the conversation. And in order to see what "I MYSELF" have sent, I had to go out to a main window (home page) of email app, and select the required account, then go to "sent" folder and see my sent emails. I found it really annoying.

Also, there is not "simple" marking (selecting) emails. You need to go to a menu at the bottom, and on the appeared context menu select "Mark" to see some "circles" appear on the left side of the emails, so that you can select them.

4. Creating a new contact

When creating a new contact, there is no option to choose the service in which I want to save it. Let's say I want to save a number / contact details on my account or Exchange work account, how do I do that? It doesn't ask me to choose the service like on Windows Phone and saves it automatically in default (I think) iCloud account.

5. No decline button

I was really annoyed by this first. When I received a call from someone I wanted to just decline it, but there was no such option. Later I found out that you can do it by pushing the power button twice to do that. But I personally think that it would be good to put it on the same place as "answer" button.

/to be continued... Leave your own annoying finding in the comments below :)