Anyone here living (or going to live ) in a 100% Apple ecosystem?

I'm talking phone, tablet, and computer here. I'm currently using an iPad Mini, Surface Pro 2, and a Moto X but after seeing "Continuity" demoed at WWDC I'm seriously considering going all in with Apple. Much like J. Tops, I've been dreaming of the day when I can continue whatever I'm doing on my PC on any device I pick up. Naturally stuff like answering calls, SMS, and easy Hotspot access are awesome bonuses.

As an Android/Windows PC user I know there are a lot of ways to basically get a similar experience. But I think we all know it's not nearly as seamless at Apple's implementation. Plus there's a lot to be said about one company taking care of all the updates and features for the device's you're using. As John Gruber puts it:

Microsoft and Google have enormous market share, but neither has control over the devices on which their platforms run. Samsung and Amazon control their own devices, but neither controls their OS at a fundamental level.

Microsoft and Google can’t force OEMs to make better computers and devices, to stop junking them up with unwanted add-ons. Apple, on the other hand, can force anything it can achieve into devices.

...This is what only Apple can do:

Software updates that are free of charge and so easily installed that the majority of iOS and Mac users are running the latest versions of the OSes (a supermajority in the case of iOS). Apple can release new features and expect most users to have them within a year.

Using all kinds of third party software on my Android phone and Windows PC to achieve what Apple demoed a few weeks ago at WWDC is a straight up "janky" experience. Not to mention you have to hope nothing breaks when updates happen. It feels like you're at the mercy of the developers to keep everything working together.

All that said, I've always been wary of using only one companies devices and services. As a tech nerd, I try my best to use everything Microsoft, Google, and Apple make. You never want to put all your eggs in one basket! There's always a chance Yosemite and iOS 8 WON'T work as advertised. My saving grace I guess is that if I get a Macbook, I can always run Parallels or boot camp for the Windows experience. Google services, of course, can be accessed from anywhere; so I'm not too concerned with them.

Anyway, what do you guys think?