Macbook Air, Nexus 5, Chromecast, Google Ecosystem - What am I missing from an All Apple Ecosystem?

I need access to Preview, Plex, Aperture, Final Cut, Mac Office, Transmissions, Jawbone Updater, VLC - so I can't possible be go with Chrome OS. I could look into Windows but I have been using OS X for 6 years now - so I have grown accustomed to the Mac way of doing things ie renaming open files, dropping files into general open Finder window selectors to quickly open them, Mission Control (previously Expose/Spaces), the keyboard shortcuts.

I was using an iPhone 3G at one point and have all my media on iTunes - but that was another life. I am considering going all Apple again ie iCloud instead of Gmail, iDevice and Apple TV or Mac Mini - but only if it is significantly a better experience. I have no complaints using Google's Web Apps as a desktop counterpart, in fact I prefer it.

How is the Apple only ecosystem compared to to Google Ecosystem?