Looking to switch, advice.

Last year I bought a EOL Sony SLT A57 kit at a very good price from Sony on a whim. I was partially sold by the fact it was 10fps shooting, the fact Minolta lenses can be had for really cheap(which turned out to be case) and it came with 2 years of accident coverage on the camera, no questions asked. Come now I am having fun shooting with it, but I haven't stull fully bonded with it. I knows it's not about the equipment, but about the person behind the camera; however, bonding with the camera is important, no?

I'm thinking about switching to Fuji, because I like the look of the body, really like the jpeg output, and the one time I held the X-Pro 1 it felt nice in hand. The issue is I like to shoot wildlife. Only reason I considered the X cameras is because of how low the X-M1/X-A1 kits can be had(used). I like the tilting display, but the lack of the EVF is key for me. Then I started looking at the X-E1 kits(used), & prices are workable(once I sell my Sony), but the lack of a tilting display is meh, as is the slightly lower screen quality. X-E2 is better of course but out of my budget. Any thoughts? Thank you.

I thought about the NEX line of cameras, but my cousin has an NEX-5R, but the menu is horrible, and while the newer model uses the similar menu to their SLR/SLT line of cameras, I want to try a different system(plus Sony jpeg and raw colors could be better). I have also thought about m4/3 camera as I already have a GF3 and 14mm pancake(and had a G2), and I really like the system as a whole. The G6 seems like a great camera, but tad over priced for it's age, and the E-M10, while I like the handling better, and the wifi; a used E-M5 seems like a better value. I never was too keen on Olympus menu system, which is why went with Panasonic over Olympus twice, though that may all have changed with the new touch screen models. I would need to play with them more to see I guess. Is Fuji menu system closer to Panasonic, or Olympus?

I'm looking at SLT and mirrorless models, because I feel that is the right direction for my needs. Plus, every time I played with a Nikon or Canon SLR, I could never even temporarily bond with it. :-/ Thank you.