iPad Art


via i.imgur.com

I've always been fascinated by iPad artists, their work is incredible. After checking a bunch of it out, I'm always left amazed at the power of the iPad. It really is capable of doing so much.

But since the Surface Pro 3 came out, all we have been hearing out of the Microsoft Tribe is how awesome its stylus capabilities are, and how it's digitizer makes it so much better for artists & note takers vs. the iPad.

Tonight, this got me thinking. Other than seeing that Gabe from Penny Arcade uses a Surface Pro for his artwork, I never see or hear anyone doing amazing art with their Surface tablets. I've never heard of a gallery displaying Surface art on their walls like they do with iPad art. I never hear anything about it.

If you do a Google image search of iPad art, you'll see tons of mind blowing art that people have made over the years since the iPad's debut. If you do another image search of Microsoft Surface art, you don's see dip diddly squat.

If the Surface Pro tablets are so freaking fantastic for this type of stuff, then why don't people use them?