This is my next...Chrome OS question!

Looking through your article and video left me with the single most important question unanswered.

Why should I buy a Chromebook?

David states in the video:

For a lot of people [buying a Chromebook] might be better than a Mac or a PC...

I wonder why you left out a short presentation of Chrome OS, answering a few basic but essential things.

  1. What is it?
  2. What are its core features?
  3. How is storage handled?
  4. Does it need an always-on connection?
  5. What about third-party plugin and software support?
  6. How are the built-in apps?
  7. How is third-party cloud (aka Dropbox) support?
  8. What are my options for recieving E-Mail beyong GMail?
  9. What are my IM options beyond Hangouts?
  10. How about support for Android/Non-Android mobile devices?
  11. Can I access network storage via SMB with it?
  12. What media playback options are available?

It's true pity you just went on to talk about only the build quality, hardware features and pricing of each of the available Chromebooks instead of looking at the entire package and giving true advice. This is exactly what I always find lacking about reviews and features from the Verge. A serious lack of depth. Would it be too much asked to add just one minute at the beginning of this video to introduce Chrome OS to someone (like me) who has never seen it in action but is searching for a(ny) replacement for his/her ageing Windows laptop?