What's with the listicles?

Someone posted this in the The 10 coolest things about Amazon's new Fire Phone thread, and I have to say it's something I've wondered about over the last few months.

What gives? I guess I know the answer but why is a site that used to be about as far away from listicles as possible, now fully embracing listicles?

Surely those 21m uniques were built on strong content that differentiated itself from the rest of the tech sites? But now because you have so many uniques then suddenly you need to maximise revenue and views with listicles?

Maybe it's just me, but that seems a pretty short-sighted view of things. I've visited this site everyday for over a year, recently that's becoming every two days. That's not much, and I'm just an anecdote of course, but I really feel that 2014 has not been a great year for the verge in terms of quality across the site.

This isn't a 'this is my last post' type thread, I mean I still like the site and especially the occasional longform you publish. Plus the community is good which is really why I come now. But add to the listicles the constant rewriting of other people's content instead of just linking to it, the slide in review quality (imo) and video output, the sometimes baity headlines...I dunno this site is somewhere I'll probably always come back to, but I don't feel great doing it anymore if that makes sense.

Again that's just my view, and I'm sure the metrics would beg to differ. But still...that tweet? Has your editorial policy now changed?