iOS 8 Keyboard Thoughts

So I'm messing around with the predictive type on the iOS 8 keyboard. It's nice but it's still missing the thing I've wanted most. Predictive grammar and punctuation. Maybe I'm missing something but would it be so hard to guess when I need to type a question mark or to put a comma where it needs to be? I hate having to switch keyboards to common punctuation.

I'll probably get faster with it but typing a few keys, reading the three options and choosing one does't feel faster yet. I've never really wanted more from the onscreen keyboard except for the issue of switching keyboards. I'd honestly rather ether have punctuation or numbers on the top row instead of the predictions.

Ah, I just thought about a solution. As I type, give me suggested punctuation in the prediction bar. Underline text that isn't grammatically correct and display alternatives when I tap on it.

I guess 3rd party keyboards may offer things like this, but I've never had the desire to mess with things like that. I prefer a stock experience that gets the basics right.