I need a new game set up! Help

So I just went around attempting to find a good forum...I just found one. Well, I am i need of a GOOD gaming setup but still having space and breathing room. I have a 10x10ft room...and a full sized bed. I have two doors on one side and a window across from the two doors. In between the two doors I have a 1x2ft stand holding certain things. My bed is by my window, it is to the left of it. To the right I have all my games on a shelf that has 5 layers and touches the ground. It is in front of my window but a bit to the right, it is 6in by 1ft. Next to that on the right is a few boxes of my collectors editions and those face my bed. Then to the right of that is my dresser that is annoying and ugly. It has 9 drawers and is about 5 or 6ft and is about 1.5ft wide. That's about it. I just want to change it up and maybe get a few ideas instead of the stupid and old ideas that i have. I want to change the dresser and put some new things on it. Also on the dresser i have my xbox 360 and my One and my at&t box...and a 32 inch TV. I would enjoy getting a new TV/monitor as well. Ill buy new things just to let ya know. If you have any questions please ask if you are going to help me.

Thanks! Sincerely...Blueman011