While Motorola prepares for the release of its Moto 360 smartwatch this summer, hundreds of designers have been battling it out in a contest to win one of the Android Wear-powered devices. A total of 1,300 entries have been submitted to a panel of judges in the competition, providing some stunning examples of watch face design for this very modern smartwatch. With a judging panel full of Motorola’s UX and UI designers for Moto 360, and even its design chief Jim Wicks, it’s not an easy competition to win.

The judges have taken 1,300 submissions and created a list of 10 finalists, based on design aesthetic, feasibility, and originality. The result is a mix of modern and analog designs, with some truly unique approaches. All of the top 10 entries won’t necessarily end up shipping on the Moto 360, but Motorola hints in its rules that any entry could be used as a watch face in future. While the winner takes the Moto 360 watch, the nine runner-ups secure a $50 Google Play gift card for their troubles. Motorola is allowing Google+ users vote on their favorite, with the most +1s securing victory on June 24th. Here are the 10 finalists, and you can vote over at Motorola’s Google+ page.