Moto 360 Watch Face Contest: Are these real world options?

As you may deduce from the use of the rhetorical question in the title, the answer is NO.

They all scream amateur design: visually stunning and great visual eye candy but not viable for the average non-geek community. The first impression may be great but when you are making (1) A new product category (2) An expensive product, not an impulse buy (2) And a target audience that includes non-geeks, there can be NO margin of error. And non of these designs are flawless.

My 5 minute survey to my friends resulted in: 10 NO, 3 YES, and 5 UNDECIDED. In other words, a disaster (keep in mind that none of my friends are into tech).

My point is this, if the 360 appeared in an advertisement with these watch faces, this thing will flop.It will become the product everyone talk about but nobody buys. Seriously, the watch face is arguably the most important aspect of a timepiece* and I am incredibly disappointed with the 10 designs.

(Link to watch faces)

* and yes, this is a timepiece, just because it does other things doesn't mean it is not.