What is my next? - Retiring my 15" Macbook Pro (Late 2011)

Alright Core, let's talk about the future - specifically mine. I've been rocking this Macbook Pro since November 2011 (MD318LL/A), about a week after my previous 2010 model just upped and croaked on me. I guess the random restarts and overheating was getting too much for the poor thing.

This Macbook Pro has lasted a little longer. It got me through my gap year, and my third year at university where I basically Boot Camped more than I'd have liked to in order to make use of 3DS Max (I was studying computer games design, with a focus on 3D modelling and animation). In those two and a half years I've been through three logic boards as this model has some well documented problems. As my AppleCare expires in November I plan on selling this no later than August 15, that will allow the new owner to have 90 days of full AppleCare support - which is only fair I guess.

My question is, what is my next Apple computer going to be? I can rule out an iMac, simply because portability is key. Some days I enjoy working from home, others I'll want to go work elsewhere for a change of scenery. I also don't do any 3D modelling anymore - I simply don't have time for that due to work, life and most of all - fun. I don't play PC games that often via Boot Camp - but that might well change depending on whether or not I can feel compelled to make a Steam machine in the future. I'm just not sure whether to go for a 13" non dedicated graphics card, or a 15" Retina (which my buddy Dave Tach over on Polygon tells me is a screamer with Dark Souls 2).

So here's what I'm doing at the minute, and bear in mind that this is scaled back from what I was doing with the laptop a year ago:


Verge / Polygon work

Maybe some light gaming

Video editing

So in August are we likely to see anything new, or am I better off selling up and getting a do-over machine until Apple do release newer models? What to do? What to do? What to do?