Remote connection to a Mac, HELP!

I am in a bit of a pickle.. We have iMacs and Macbook pros at work but we need to connect to them from home. I am not concerned with getting a VPN connection. That part is taken care of. Problem is I need a client such as Windows Remote Desktop Connection. Where if I connect to the Mac from home it just allows me to use the session and not take up a lot of bandwidth for screen sharing. People in the office do not need to know what project i'm working on or magically see a mouse on my screen moving around.

Part of the problem is that I need to make sure since it there is a lot of photo editing and video editing that it doesn't effect the performance issues that I would have on either end of the connection.

If I am a bit unclear or you need more info please let me know, as I need to find out an answer to this puzzle asap.

Thank you!!