Is SP3 a better laptop than MBA? Is SP3 is a better tablet than iPad Air?

In my opinion, both questions are naive because it all depends on actual use cases and OS preferences/requirements. Even if SP3 is not "better" it still can be the best single device for someone's computing needs. That whole MBA comaprision hurts SP3 since 95% of tech reviewers uses MBA (while 90% of world population use Windows PCs) - so their answer to the question if SP3 can replace THEIR'S MBA was loud NO. Again - stupid and naive MSFT marketing strategy.

But to the guestions:

Is SP3 a better laptop than MBA?

NO, because:

  • worse keyboard and touchpad
  • more difficult to use on your laps
  • worse battery life

YES, because:

  • high res touch screen
  • thinner and lighter

Is SP3 is a better tablet than iPad Air?

NO, because:

  • it's heavier and thicker
  • little good tablet-optimized apps
  • it's too heavy for prolonged reading

YES, because:

  • active digitizer and pen
  • kickstand and type cover

So... The answer is not that simple as some reviewers think. Why? Because the question is about tablet or laptop IN GENERAL. I agree that iPad defined what tablet means. I agree that SP3 is not the best "iPadish" tablet. But it's a new category. Now, tablets are consumption devices, but that's not the only way to go.

My point is - if Surface really is the new category, we shouldn't ask such questions. If iPad is the definition of tablet - Surface stands no chance against it in comparision. If MBA is the golden Graal of laptops - again, SP3 can't compete. And MSFT was REALLY stupid to compare this device to the two staples of its categories.

It's strange for me that only few reviewers noticed that SP3 can be the best all-you-can-do device and the best materialization of Windows 8 spirit. But it's not their fault. I have HUGE respect for Panos Panay, but he screwed it hardly trying to fight MBA in front of journalists using Apple stuff for their work for years.

~happy owner of Surface Pro 2 (and I hope SP3 in a month)

PS don't be harsh, English is not my natve language