Is iWatch the new iPod?

So, 2.5" is roughly two thirds the size of older iPhones.

That seems very big for a watch. Seems more suitable for an iPod sort of device. In fact, it would probably be a good idea to move across the name to the new device to retain brand recognition and distance the product from competing smartwatch ideas.

But what are they planning to do with that extra space?

What about if part of that space was used for cell phone radios? Could this be an independent unit rather than accessory to the iPhone? That would make it a lot easier to sell 50 million units (as the rumour says they are planning).

And it would have benefits that would make it worth the extra purchase. Leave your iPhone at home while you run. Take calls on your wrist even if you aren't near your phone. With 'continuity' between devices, it could be amazing. If nothing else, the larger screen size certainly gives Siri a lot more room to provide you with information when you need it.

So, do you think the possibility of a larger screen size means Apple are planning something more like an iPod or even iPhone on your wrist, or do you think it will be much more comparable to Google's notification delivery model on Android Wear?