In need of some life/career advice

A little intro about myself...

My name is Alex (duh!) , I'm 20 years old and live in Canada. I've recently hit a brick wall and in a really tough spot. It's hard for me to turn to friends and family about this problem as I'm pretty ashamed and try not to think about it so this is why i'm turning to the internet.

I got into university in January 2013 , 5 classes while working part time (15-20 hours a week). I was doing very well up until after my mid-terms. The more the semester progressed , the harder it was for me to stay on track with my homework and studies. Come my finals , my grandmother had passed 3 days before my all finals started and it was one of the worst times in my life. Result: I'm on probation , failed one class and needing a Cumulative GPA of over 2.0 to stay in university.

I then decided to take 2 maths classes during the summer while working full time. I didn't do so so bad. I then decided to find a full time job and take a semester with only electives and take them online (GPA boosters). I told myself I would get this really great job (It really isn't) , take an easy semester and go back to school full time the following semester. So thats what I did . I did fairly well in those classes but did not end up going back to school full time the following semester. I took one night class and another online class. The end result: I didn't do well enough , my grades were so low from my first semester , I was unable to bring it up. I got kicked out from university a year and a half after enrolling.

I haven't told anyone. I'm not even sure what my options are. My school don't seem to even read their emails. I've always prioritized school but was in a difficult financial situation so I had to keep working. My fear has always been to stop school and work a crappy job. I never believed in the saying "Be careful in what you wish for because you just might get it " but to be honest , my wish (getting the job) did come true and it finally came to bite me in the...

I also enrolled in a program which I most probably wasn't going to continue for long anyways. I wanted to do something I really like but didn't know what that was. There was my other problem , I don't know what I want to be. I personally love to watch and play sports , I like the tech world (Computers and phones) but I never had a sense of guidance and I'm a little lost in terms of career paths.

Long story short , I'm kicked out of university for three years and don't really know what I'm going to do. I'm just scared of losing motivation for school. I know that a university degree doesn't guarantee a job but a university degree is essential for me.

Any comments or suggestions would honestly be really appreciated.