End the tyranny of auto-play

Dear Verge crew,

Please release us all from your desolate hell of auto-playing videos. For too long, we the readers have had to put up with your video player forcefully playing the next video in line with no way to cancel and no place to hide. No longer shall we allow The Verge to distract us from this fundamental issue with lesser problems like net neutrality and internet freedom. Not anymore. Today, we rise. End this tyranny now.

... No, but seriously guys. After I finish a video, I'm going to continue reading the rest of the article. Every single time. I'm not going to watch another, completely unrelated video right then and there. It's incredibly annoying having to scroll back up to pause the next video when it starts playing. This has been brought to your attention many times now, it's about time you fix this. Pretty please?

Yours sincerely,
your readers