Asus Transformer Book T300? Your thoughts Vs the Surface Pro

The idea of high power computers in a no-compromise laptop-tablet hybrid form factor is not new, it's actually what the industry has been moving towards for the past few years.

Microsoft has been working on its Surface concept for a while now, but Asus has always been the pioneer of the simpler "tablet with keyboard dock" form factor.
Their latest offering, the Transformer Book T300, seems to finally deliver a "no compromise" approach, fitting in an Intel Core processor in a tablet body only 7.3 millimetres thick. To put this in perspective, it's thinner than the iPad Air, and only 0.1 millimetre thicker than an iPhone 5S.
The keyboard dock only adds another 7 millimetres to the device, bringing in the total thickness of the laptop mode to 14.3 millimetres.
The T300 also boasts a fanless design, meaning that the notebook will be silent at all times. How Asus has pulled this off without melting the internals is quite a mystery.
The 12.5 inch, IPS display has a 16:9 aspect ratio, and reportedly features a resolution of 2560 by 1440P.

Other noteworthy points about the Transformer Book include its use of Intel's next generation Broadwell architecture. Oddly, it appears to only be available with either 2 or 4 GB configurations, however, given the sheer thinness of the thing, it is understandable.

As of yet, no word has been given on pricing, nor availability.
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