Today, Apple blew my mind.

You've all been listening. While Apple handled aesthetics last year (which I'm still not too chuffed about), today, Apple hit the ball way out of the park with its consumer oriented features, and more importantly, with the developer options.

It's pretty much what everyone (myself included) has been wanting from iOS for quite a while. Opened up keyboard APIs, TouchID made public, plugins, and to a smaller level of excitement, NC Widgets.

Many of these were borrowed from Android, of course, but honestly, everyone borrows from everyone else these days, and from my point of view, if it benefits the consumer, who gives a damn?

Well, I'm pretty excited for what Apple's future entails, and with the September-October events, Apple ought to finally be eating back into Android's impressive high end market share.

So what do you guys think? Are you as impressed as I am, or do you have some complaints and/or bones to pick with Apple (nothing's gonna come out of it, obviously.)? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!