Google and continuity: Letting Chrome shine?

Apple's continuity is super slick and a major step forward for users with OS X/iOS devices. Clearly in a multi-device world this is the future, and Apple are leading it. That's not to say it's perfect, it's obviously only for OS X and iOS, leaving the vast majority of PCs and a big chunk of mobiles out of the question. This is something I'd really like to see Google tackle - other ecosystems have to support multi-devices as well as this.

Google have Chrome, which runs pretty much anywhere with marketshare. Importantly chrome extensions/apps run on every desktop OS.

Android already has rich notifications similar to those demoed by Apple for iOS8, exposing immediate actions like archive or reply. Android also already has Pushbullet which, among other things, syncs notifications between mobile devices and Chrome. That's great, but it's not yet actionable.

Putting all this together we get a recipe for actionable Android notifications via Chrome, on Windows, OS X and Linux. Instead of just pushing notification data at Chrome push the rich notification actions too. The goal is that where it makes sense we should be able to execute those actions on a desktop OS via Chrome. That most likely would be executed by pairing Android apps with a Chrome app and in some way registering their actions to each other. They would then seamlessly work together, providing cross-platform continuity.

Here's an example:

I get a text on my phone, just a standard SMS. The notification on my phone is synced to Chrome (just like the message is for Pushbullet users now), with added actions to reply, mark as read or delete for example. These actions would be provided by the MightyText chrome app, so they'd immediately take effect on my phone.

Or I get a phone call. A new notification is provided on my phone with the options to accept or reject. Just like Apple demoed I'd get a notifications from Chrome with those actions. These would be provided by a new phone app for Chrome. I'm not sure how Apple are implementing it, but clicking accept could answer on the phone and put it on loudspeaker, or it could perhaps tunnel data from the laptop mic and to the speakers in some way.

Emails would be actionable from chrome notifications, Hangouts could be too, Facebook's iOS notifications could be transferred to Android and paired with a Chrome app (or API calls maybe?) Of course the possibilities are truly endless here, any notification on Android can be linked with a chrome app to be actionable there. This would be true continuity just about everywhere.