OSx meets Windows Aero.... And it's a good thing

I have traditionally never been a fan of OSx. Matter of fact, before iOS 7, I hated iOS. Something about metal and the cold, lifeless fel of the two. Yesterday, I even claimed that a Macbook Air would be a waste of money to me (though it still would because of that terrible display, and don't try to tell me it's not) because I'd have to slap Windows on it right away.

Well, here I am now, looking at the OSx using my laptop running my favourite OS ever, Windows 7. And yeah, I like the changes they made. I like metro, don't get me wrong (I'd still slap Windows on an Air, but hear me out), but for the first time since I was a kid, I actually want to use and give OSx a chance. I love transparency (part of why I love Windows 7 so much). I can see myself using both in the future.

Apple won me over to a future iPhone with the changes in iOS 7, and now they have made me give serious consideration to their Macbook lines. Well done Apple, well done.