Hate to admit it, Apple just nailed it in many respects vs Windows 8/Phone

--- iOS 7 was catchup/copyup with WP and Android's design sensibilities.
(the design still sucks, and iPad's iOS 7 stability is still a mark of shame.)


--- iOS 8 is a leapfrog ahead of WP and Android in many, but not all, ways.

Leapfrog Department
I was impressed by all the work they've done in catching up and leaping ahead:

1. Family Sharing for device location and iTunes/app/media purchases across family members.
This is awesome plain and simple. Any Windows fan would be in heaven if this happened for Windows. It's a true micro social network.

2. Photos.
true sync across the same app across all devices, with editing in the same environment. I wish Windows/Phone had this. Yeah, I use OneDrive integration in Windows 8/Phone, but it's not nearly as well done.

3. Keyboard API
Parity with Android, leapfrog WP.

4. Healthkit
As much as it pains me to see a non-open standard making a play for health data connection to prominent health care systems like Mayo and many others (a closed system is a disservice long term to patients), Apple is very far along here. Shame on MS for not actually extending its old HealthVault system to WP yet. Shame on them. Dropping the ball once again.

5. Smarthome.
Again, MS Research has been dabbling in this space for literally decades. Nothing to show for it. Nothing. Big leapfrog to Apple again.

Catchup Department
keyboard word selection, action upon notification (with Android) though the respond/like to FB posts is a leapfrog on where WP should have done already.

Continuity across iPad and Mac. Well, Windows 8 is far ahead on this front since tablet and PC operating system is one in the same. When MS finally gets WP on RT, then it'll be the full deal. Some might argue Apple has the story done here, but I can't help but think that they are currently in desperate catchup with Windows 8 platform integration, then in a couple years they'll more fully merge OSX and iOS, despite their defensive protestations about toasters.

Lame Department
Mail improvements are still pathetic and still trail the best iOS apps.

iCloud Drive: Worst Apple product name ever. I guess they ran out of good ideas. PLUS, it is likely to be a slightly mitigated disaster. Apple has a terrible track record with cloud services,so far behind Google, Microsoft, Amazon. So I advise everyone to stay very far away and laugh at the Apple users who will lose data, time and productivity.