Chrome and Android. (Google stop sucking please)

Apple did a marvelous job today, showing what can be done when you integrate two distinct operating systems.

Apple and google are heading in the right direction as appose of Microsoft. One size does not fit all, a desktop and phone os are different and are used for different purposed. Instead of trying to shove the same design principles and the exact same way of interaction between the two different mediums, Google and apple understand that notifications and easy movement between phones and lap/desktops while keeping individual different values make for the best experience.

except google is lagging behind on this promise. That little notification bell that google introduce with chrome a while back, is a huge disappointment. Chrome notifications not only suck, they are useless.

-Chrome and android notifications do not talk to each other at all. The only connection between chrome and android is that, there is a chrome app for android. That is it.

-Notifications in chrome are ugly and useless, no actionable notifications in chrome. Even hangouts notifications are horrible, they suck so bad, Google had to go out and build a hangout extension for chrome. Why isn't hangouts built into chrome?

-Android wear, should be built into chrome. Or something like it. Every notification that appears on android, should appear in chrome. Not just the crap implementations of gmail notifications.

-Google has left it to third party apps like push-bullet to build something into chrome, and even pushbullet is lacking, all push bullet does, is tell you that you have a notification. I shouldn't have to have Google voice extension installed to get my text.

Google needs to elevate android notifications to the cloud, and actually have them function, have them be actionable, have them not look like a half ass version of stupid cards I care nothing about and I can't do anything with.

Chrome and android feel disconnected, and that is because they are. Once in chrome you have no idea what your android phone is doing. Getting a call on android? Well unless you are a brain surgeon and have manage to link you number to Google voice, download the hangouts extension you may never find out, and even if you have manage to do all those things, it might even work right.

Google get your act together, you are a cloud master, and as apple brilliantly demonstrated today, chrome and android integration and especially notifications are not only lacking, they are unusable,