Some Really Cool iOS 8 Features We Missed...


Separate focus and exposure in Camera

I've been waiting for this for so long, finally we have more control over Camera and the photos we produce can be even better!

In Case of Emergency Card

This is an interesting one, in fact there was a jailbreak tweak that had a same concept released a couple of days ago here.

Wi-Fi Calling


Panoramic Photos on iPad

Am I the only one that thinks this is utterly useless? I'm able to accept people taking photos on their iPads but panoramic photos? Lord help us...

Tips App

Guess that ugly Tips icon is here to stay on our homescreen...

Photo Editing in Photos App

This might be the end of me actually using a lot of photo editing apps. Now that apps like, VSCO can have their filters in the Photos app, I'll start using the Photos app more. 360 degrees rotation, changing settings with numerical values, etc all make me really excited!

Anything else really cool that TheVerge didn't focus on or miss? Tell me in the comments! There's so much I can't absorb it all in!