WWDC Done....Looking Forward to Google I/O

OK so honestly, I forgot WWDC was today, due to my hectic day today..so it is only now I am trying to catch up, honestly I don't use a Mac so majority of the things announced were "meh" even though there were some nice welcomed improvements for the iPhone, which I use for work.

Anway, now I am really looking forward to Google IO. WWDC did more for those "All In" Apple users than those of us who jump between multiple platforms. The one thing I realize is that by the time iOS 8 actually ships on devices in the fall...Android would have hit to OS revisions....4.5...and maybe 5.0 in the fall. In addition Android will have revised or new platforms for both the TV and the wrist. Time will tell but I think Google I/O might make WWDC look like amateur hour...you can criticize me later if I am wrong.

Oh yeah...those widgets? Oh the debates are going to be amusing from here on out.