[WWDC] To all those whining about iOS 8 "stealing/copying" from Android.

Just to make things clear, I'm very happy with my Nexus 5 and I like my Nexus 7 and I am writing this on my laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro and the updates to iOS 8 haven't really convinced me that it's a superior operating system.

Also, this rant is specifically tailored to those annoyed by the "thievery" that is the inclusion of features such as actionable notifications and the improved predictive keyboard.

tl;dr I know Apple included features on iOS 8 that are clearly taken from Android, but Android is open source, so deal with it.

Here's why Apple can include software features that are already present on Android: it's open source.

They're good features, so why not include them? There's no patent stopping them from doing it. They can make iOS better for their customers and the fact that it's been done before shouldn't stop them out of principle. Business doesn't follow strict ethical guidelines, that's why patents exist and Google chose not to patent features previously exclusive to Android that are now being introduced on iOS 8. Good for them.

(Do note that they weren't overzealously using the word "innovation" for features that weren't originally theirs. A lot of people like to put that word in Tim Cook (Steve Jobs before him) and the rest of the Apple exec team's mouth when they simply do not say it.)

Additionally, some of the features that are also on Android are features not everyone has access to because, as Tim Cook showed on the chart, (information publicly available on the Android Developers website) adoption rates for newer versions of Android is significantly lower than adoption rates for iOS 7. This is not something anyone can deny, and don't give me that "you can root it" story - you shouldn't have to root out of necessity because the update is delayed by useless and often bloating OEM customizations (I'm looking at you, Samsung). This is one of the reasons I use a Nexus 5 and a Nexus 7 as my phone/tablet setup, they're the closest thing to guaranteed updates, while still trailing behind Apple in that regard since it took about a month for the Nexus 4 to receive the update to KitKat (Android 4.4). The only way to get a new version of Android on time (by the day) is to purchase the device it ships with.

In addition to that, Apple can integrate everything they have with a broad hardware ecosystem, which is not something Google can do as they don't have a powerful and popular desktop operating system that people who want to get serious work done would ever consider using. Chrome OS is a glorified web browser, mimicking the appearence of a proper desktop operating system with a taskbar at the bottom.

If you were in any way offended by comments I may have made, please show me your phone from late 2011 running OFFICIAL (i.e. not rooted) Kitkat integrated with your powerful workstation Chromebook and I will take back everything I have just written and use my Nexus 7 as a chopping board for my own fingers so I may never write anything as insensitive as this again.