One Handsome SlipCase

I've been on the hunt for a trimmed down envelope style case for my Air so I don't have to lug my shoulder bag down to the corner coffeehouse. This thing checked all the boxes... especially qualifying for Amazon Prime. I ordered this slipcase knowing it looked great in the pictures, but when it came I was really surprised at the quality of it. The outside is a heavy duty felt, while the inside is a crazy soft flannel. It really comes off as an eyecatching accessory that looks very minimal and understated at the same time.

It says it's for a 13" Macbook but my 11" Macbook Air fits perfectly without sliding around, and leaves a little room if I need to carry papers or magazines. There are well placed pockets on the back that could be used for a phone, mouse, cards or the like, and a large pocket up front that could fit a 7or 8" tablet.


I had no problem fitting a few more items in the sleeve like the paper.


The back pockets come in really handy for a few accessories that you'll need


All sealed up it's really secure with a nice leather finish


Really good sized pocket up front.


It comes with this smaller envelope for your charger.

This thing is really pleasing all around and worth the $14

Check it out here