What Do You Think of BlackBerry's Rest of 2014 Line-Up

Crackberry: BlackBerry Classic and Passport

Alongside releasing some mixed earnings, BlackBerry showed off their 2 flagship phones will look like for the rest of the year. John Chen's message is that BlackBerry is serious about hardware and needs to ship (only?) 10 milllion devices in a year to be profitable. The BlackBerry Classic goes back to the Bold 9900 days with the trackpad and phone and menu keys. The Passport goes with a partially capacitive keyboard and a phablet-like size. Both will have a 1:1 (square) screen. What do you think of them and their chances on the marketplace?

The BlackBerry Classic to me looks remarkably like the Galaxy S5 especially with the silvery-ring around the device and the textured plastic back. It is a design that I like a lot that will have a lot of people at least looking and playing with it in stores.

The Passport is very different and odd-looking. At 4.5", it just seems far too wide to be used with very much comfort. 1440*1440 puts the screen at 453ppi and way beyond "Retina" standards. I am curious to see how @?!$ symbols are used with that keyboard since it is missing the number keys and symbol keys.

Having used BB10, I don't have much hope for either of these phones but at least they are giving it a shot.