How do I sync Facebook profile photos for ONLY my existing contacts?

Just got an iPhone 5s. I'm using my Google account to sync contacts, so I'm not sure if that's part of the issue, but previously on my iPhone 4 (last time I owned an iPhone), I could go into the Facebook app and enable contact sync in the app settings. It would download profile photos and profile links for contact names (not phone numbers, since very few people put their phone number in their Facebook profile) that matched in my contact list.

Now, that functionality appears to be gone. My only option is to sync all contacts from Facebook which results in my contact list being cluttered with over a thousand entries, many without phone numbers (I only have about 350 contacts with phone numbers).

Is there any way to get it to function the way it used to, ie. sync photo/profile information ONLY for contacts that currently EXIST on my phone? I don't want all my Facebook friends in my contact list, there's far too many, but the feature I miss the most is being able to have updated photos for all my contacts via Facebook.

Any tips? This is still possible on Android through third-party apps like HaxSync and UberSync, which worked very well. Now that this functionality appears to have been buggered on iOS I'm somewhat miffed.