iPhone 5 or HTC One m8.... I'm torn!

Ok so this all started with me losing my iPhone... I lost it and then after 2 weeks I got it back! (There are still a few good people in the world). In the meantime I ended up getting the HTC One M8, now I love the way the phone feels and the camera and the size, just everything about it right. However I do miss the flawless sync options between all of my Apple devices. I'm talking about my iPad Retina and my MBA and just overall flow of things.

I've used an iPhone for a long time but after the iOS 7 update and having a small screen I wanted to try something a bit different. And don't get me wrong I absolutely love my HTC One it's just I miss having my iPhone as well for.. well everything.

I'm just torn on what I should do and no i don't want to walk around with 2 phone! :P

What would you guys do in my position...