Moto G or HTC One M7?

I'm on the fence between buying a Moto G (not the LTE version) or an HTC One M7 (from 2013). I ran the numbers and the price difference in the phones over two years would be about $400 more for the HTC so I'm trying to decide if its worth it. Here's a cost break down:

Moto G on Verizon Prepaid Plan: $70 for phone (currently on sale at Best Buy) and $45 monthly for unlimited talk & text, plus 500 MB of data. Two year cost: $1150.

HTC One M7 on AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan 2 year contract: $1 for phone (at Best Buy) and $65 monthly for unlimited talk & text, plus 1GB of data. Two year cost: $1561.

The HTC seems to have more features, such as: 4G LTE, better audio quality/speakers, will probably not be obsolete in 2 years, even with the M8 now available. But I think I might be less nervous carrying around a Moto G... the HTC looks like something I would want to always treat gently and carefully. Another advantage with the Moto G plan is that I could always switch to an HTC (or something else) within 2 years since I would not be bound to a contract.

I am not really a smartphone "power user" so the HTC One might be overkill for someone like me. That's why I started to consider the Moto G. I just need a reliable phone that I can use to make calls, send texts, listen to MP3's and maybe watch an occasional YouTube or Netflix video. The Moto G would probably do the job fine... but the HTC One looks really nice. If I was buying just on appearance and sexiness I'd pick the HTC; for functionality and practicality, the Moto G.

So what do you folks think? Is the HTC One M7 worth the extra cost? What about the 4G LTE on the HTC vs. the 3G on the Moto G... should that be the main factor that I use to decide?