I hadn't realized how much of a mess high-DPI Chrome is (edited)

Edit: original title was "I hadn't realized how much of a mess Chrome is beyond 1080p". It's come to my attention that the blurriness doesn't have to do with the resolution, but the pixel density. If I turn the desktop scaling to 100% and squint real hard, everything looks much better, albeit impossible to use, it's so small.

The second point about the unusable Windows 8 mode stands, though. That shit's wack.


I had heard about issues with Chrome on high-density displays, but had never seen it first person until my Surface Pro 3 came today.

I installed Chrome and, or course, it was blurry on the 2160x1440 desktop, but I had expected that.

What I didn't expect, however, was that when I launched the browser into Windows 8 mode, this is what greeted me:


via i.imgur.com

This unusable monstrosity (which really does only take up that corner of the screen, presumably an area of 1920x1080 or less?) really depresses me. It looks like I'll have to high-tail it back to IE, but that's not ideal since I can't sync open IE tabs, logins, history, or passwords on my Nexus 5.