Surface Pro 3 arrived.

I purchased the i5/128 GB version and I've been using it for 3.5 hours.

Some quick notes:

  1. Light for its size.
  2. Love the extra screen space as a tablet. It feels like the equivalent to a big screen TV experience. It won't replace your Kindle in bed, nor should it.
  3. No idea about battery life yet. I've kept it plugged up.
  4. Pen writing is slick.
  5. Writing this on the type cover, it works fine on my lap. It's not ideal for writing a large stretch of text, but it works fine for light-medium duty work. The flex is minimal that is brought up in reviews.
  6. That hinge is probably one of the most innovative exterior features of any tablet available.
  7. I can sense the stereo separation from the speakers. They're still tablet speakers, though.
  8. Install of updates and patches took about 20 minutes. Like any other full PC, it will take a little time to install updates and index the files once you start it up.
  9. This thing is just kick ass.
  10. This thing is just kick ass. :-D

Looking forward to spending more time with it this weekend and put it through its paces.