Microsoft busted, trying to pay bloggers to write nice things about IE

This is not cool if it turns out to be true. These sort of shady tactics belongs to the 90s and part of the reason why Microsoft is hated .

In a report by Uncrunched, Microsoft hired an agency to contact bloggers to write nice things about IE.

Paul T. ( of Winsupersite) also confirmed that he was offered a bribes several times ( by an agency, not MS directly ) to write nice things about different Microsoft products and I'm wondering how many bloggers/journalist have been offered such incentives over .

This can only end bad because someone if going to blow the lid one way or the other. There are journlists/bloggers out there who genuinely like Microsoft products and are willing to give it a fair shake... this will only end up making them look suspicious.




Source : Unchrunched


More from Paul Thurrott , read it , it helps put things in perceptive.

It seems like this sort of things happens a bit too often. But this week venture capitalist Michael Arrington exposed a Microsoft-hired marketing agency’s attempts to get him to blog favorably about Internet Explorer for an unspecified compensation. Oddly enough, I’ve received similar solicitations, most recently for a different Microsoft product (and never directly from Microsoft, to be clear). When I explained that it would be unethical for me to accept this offer, they raised the amount! Don’t worry, I still said no. I like to hang on to whatever shred of dignity I still have.