Windows RT shortcomings

So I convinced my girlfriend to get s Surface 2 two week ago, as she is starting med school in the fall and wanted a tablet to primarily to bring to class and do work with rather than consumption (so even with her MBP and iPhone, the Surface 2 was a good fit for her). Although I knew RT was nerved compared to Pro (both my own devices are Pro so I didn't know from experience, just the internet), I didn't think it would be missing basic features that actually hamper it's ability to be a note-taking device for her.

Foremost, I discovered just now that the RT version of OneNote does not allow for audio/video recordings. Now I didn't get her Windows RT expecting it to be a complex work machine. But I don't see how recording the audio into what is supposed to be Microsoft's premier note-taking platform is considered complex work. After scratching my head at why Microsoft would think audio isn't an important feature to students getting an RT device for class notes, I decided to look at just other sound recording options.

I discovered Sound Recorder, which is part of Microsoft's suite. It seems solid, the audio levels were recorded fine, you can pause a recording to pick up where you left off (something my girlfriend liked), but it has one major shortcoming: there is absolutely no save option. Not even to your OneDrive. All files are stored within the app. If you want to use those sound recordings elsewhere, you have to use the share charm to email it to yourself, and then you can mess around with the file. Unintuitive especially when the option to save should be a standard feature in a pre-installed app.

That's my current rant. I knew RT wouldn't be a work powerhouse, but I never expected Microsoft's productivity tablets to be this unproductive. Thankfully these shortcomings are made up for by the excellent screen, keyboard (she loves the type cover 2), and kickstands, the build quality of the device is fantastic. Just some of the software decisions are puzzling.

And if anyone knows of any good third party apps that may work in alleviating Microsoft's decisions, please let me know. Thanks.