Why i switched from Beats Music to Spotify? yes, i do regret it sometimes..


Since apple acquired beats electronics and beats music i really wanted to try it. I used it for 3 months, i really loved it, the 'just for you' page was simply awesome, i loved and enjoyed every single playlist that is suggested and every single song on those playlists, and the sequence was really great, i didn't actually use it quite often; i only used it when i'm working out in the gym and it was fantastic. But there was only one problem, and it is a big one in my opinion, it is music discovery, Spotify is definitely the winner in this case, there is a whole tab thats only meant for discovering new music, i switched to spotify and i really liked it. it has the main features of beats music but its 'radio' service wasn't as good as beats musics' sequence. And its playlists weren't 'just for me', and i really really miss them!! Beats Music is a clear winner in those. So, what do you think about that?