Looking for a non expensive Android phone with a decent camera


My sister asked me for advice on a good Smartphone for as little money as possible and I recommended the Moto E and Moto G for her, since these seem to have an awesome price/value ratio.

However, it seems that the camera on both these phones is more than sub par, so she might go for a phone which is a bit more expensive, but has a better camera (while keeping the performance and other qualities of the Moto E and G, TouchWiz etc. would be ok). What options would you guys suggest? In the best case, the phone should be less than 350$/€ (we're from Germany). Also, she loves the form factor of her current Galaxy S 1, so the smaller the better =)

I'm currently using Windows Phone since a few years, so I sadly lost the overview over the android choices, aside from the obvious ones, that's why I would appreciate all the help I could get =)